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Basic Contests

1. Participants

Participates everyone, who joins a contest. You enter the contest upon getting a winning spin.
There are two icons with numbers which show how many winners and participants are now.

2. Prize pool

The prize pool is formed in $ G-Coins packs from a certain part of all participants' winnings and is split among all the winners.

3. Conversion into G-Coins

Before the 1.19 update the win was converted into G-Coins according to your Shop page and tier without any special offers, special promotions, and sales.
And now the win is converted into G-Coins according to your Tier's Prize Multiplier.

4. Winners

The participants who have the most amount of PTS become winners. The number of winners depends on the number of participants.

      PTS don’t depend on the current level or tier during a contest. The major factor that influences PTS is a win-bet ratio, i.e. your luck!

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