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We think each of you has ever faced with both winnings and a sequence of losses in the game.
In slots games, this is quite natural. Winnings and losses are the integral parts of slot games.
This is the main essence of gambling: you make a bet and check how much you can get.

And although the game can generously reward those who like to take risks and bet the maximum amount of coins all the time, this approach can lead to unpleasant consequences.
But our team wants to improve your gaming experience and is ready to open the veil of secrecy on how to deal with temporary difficulties and succeed on the way to the desired treasures.

So, you suddenly begin to notice that things have got worse and you are already close to collapse or completely at zero.
What to do in this situation? How to get out of it?

First of all, it is worthwhile to understand what actions led to this outcome. Whether it was a choice of a risky slot or an unreasoned decision regarding the bets - you know better. But anytime you find yourself in a difficult situation in the game is a unique chance to analyze your actions in order to avoid similar outcomes in the future.

Secondly, it is necessary to stock up with very valuable resources, i.e. G-coins, which will be used for good.
Probably you already know all the sources of free coins, but practice makes perfect. Therefore, once again it is worth mentioning them.

Every half hour you can collect Treasure Vault Bonus in the lobby. By visiting the official Fan Page on Facebook, you can collect links that are published several times a day, and in addition, active players often leave posts on their timelines on Facebook. This is the sharing of their achievements which can bring coins as well. Do not forget to participate in contests, challenges, lotteries and other events to get additional rewards. One of the most profitable sources of G-coins are gifts from friends. Therefore, it is better for you to add as many friends as possible to receive gifts from them every day. In addition to free G-coins, the most dedicated players can purchase additional G-coins in the game store.

It's time to figure out what to do with the resources you have gathered.
No matter how much we want to start hit it big again, we will be patient this time and try a slightly different method.

To begin with, you need to plan your budget in such a way that the collected amount would be enough not only for 50-100 spins in one slot, but for a much larger number of spins. You'll have to choose the right bet before the game starts. "But then the winnings will be smaller" - you will say. On the one hand, you will start to receive fewer G-coins comparing with the game at the maximum bet. On the other hand, the same combination in the slot brings the same winnings, in proportion to your bet. In addition, reduced bets will help you to be safe from huge losses in case of bad luck.

Let's move on. Remember, we talked about drawing a lesson from experience in any difficult situation in which you ended up?
Yes, Yes! Right now we want to draw your attention to the fact that addiction to a certain slot machine may not play into your hands, but, on the contrary, harm. Therefore, no matter how much you love this or that slot, discovering new places, you can get much more.

Step by step, starting with small bets and wins, daily replenishing the balance with G-coins from different sources, exploring new locations, you will move towards more valuable wins. It will take a lot of efforts and time, but the end justifies the means.

In addition to everything, do not forget about such an important factor as your intuition. You can endlessly follow the rules, try to calculate the moves, plan the expenditures wisely. But nothing will replace that subtle sense of the moment when it is worth breaking into a certain slot, betting a bunch of G-coins and then becoming a happy owner of untold wealth.

And now, knowing these useful steps, you are ready to test your luck, get around all the adversities and prepare for scoring big.

All the huge good luck! Let the fortune smile on you.

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23 September 2017 11:06 PM
Extremely useful!
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